Want better results? Don’t do EXACTLY what you’re told.

You don’t need to do exactly what you’re told in order to get the results that you’re sold.

Wait, what???

Now you’re thinking, “But how can I expect to get results if I don’t do what my coach says? Why would I invest in a program where I do something other than what I’m told? I mean, isn't that why anyone invests in help in the first place?” 

And you’re right. The problem is that this mindset can be the exact reason a program doesn’t work for you in the long term.

Think for a moment…

  1. Have you ever been through a coaching program where you did everything they said and you didn’t get the results you wanted or that the program said you could expect?
  2. Have you ever been through a coaching program where you did everything you were told and you did have great results? 
  3. Were you able to maintain those results for five, ten, twenty or more years down the road?

If you’re like most people that go on diets, your answers were probably:

  1. Yes
  2. Yes
  3. No


You’ve been so exposed to the media and catch phrases that you’ve formed subconscious beliefs around them often without realizing it. So, when you invest in some form of coaching to improve your health or lose weight, you do exactly what you’re told to do - to a fault.

You will make and eat whatever recipe you’re given - even though your stomach is cramping so badly you aren’t sure if you’ll make it to the bathroom in time.

You will push through the workout - even though you HATE that exercise, always feel worse after and it causes tremendous pain in your knees every time you squat like that.

And you’ll keep doing it day after day after day, until it’s over because you paid for it and you really want it to work.

In the end, you jump on the scale and try on that special dress you’ve been wanting to squeeze into and WTF? It’s even worse than when you started!

Programs are more like guidelines

I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve had do exactly what I tell them - even after I tell them not to work through pain, tell me if there is anything you HATE, and pay attention to what you eat along with how it makes you feel. 

If I didn’t coax it out of them, they would stick exactly to the original plan. The thing is, ALL plans are just starting points and guidelines. They are not rigidly set rules that you must follow in order to get results. 

Yet you have this belief that you must do what the expert says without question.

there is always another way

You should know that the coach may be the expert in general health areas, but YOU are the boss and the expert of you. No one knows your body better than you. Your coach cannot see nor feel what’s happening inside your body. You have to communicate what you’re feeling with them.

You should also know that there is ALWAYS another option to everything. 

It might be a substitute for an ingredient, an alternative recipe, a different way to do the exact same exercise, a different piece of equipment that can be used, or even a completely different exercise that works the same muscle group to accomplish the same goal. Heck, there is another way to say the same thing so if one explanation doesn’t make sense, it can be said in a different way so you can understand it better.

If your coach or trainer can’t alter your program to accommodate your unique needs, it doesn’t mean they are bad, it just means they probably aren’t right for you and your goals, right now. 

the magic question

When you are following any plan to help with your health or weight loss goals, the best question to ask yourself everyday is:

  • How is this working for me and how do I know?

you are the key

This keeps you as the most important factor in your program. It also makes sure that you’re looking at the effects that your program is having on you, not just how well you are following instructions. 

By keeping YOU front and center in your program, you can make changes as needed so that you’re always getting the best results possible.

Sending you love, health and happiness,

Marylynn Burrows
Holistic Health Coach
Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer
Owner: Serenity Fitness LLC
Creator of the Limitless Transformation Program

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