I Tried Eating Crickets For Protein Here’s What Happened…


Nov 25th:

Just ordered my very first crickets from Entomo Farms. I can’t wait to try out this new source of protein!

Nov 30th:

Crickets have arrived! Wow. They really are crickets. I think I’ll put them on the shelf while I think of the best way to try them.

Dec 6th:

I can’t bring myself to even open the bag. I know they are roasted and dead but I can’t help thinking that they are just staring at me through the bag.

Dec 11th:

Ok, I’m going to try them…

...I can’t do it.

Dec 15th:

Doug made chinese salad today. I think I’ll replace the ramen noodles with the crickets. Crunch for crunch, right? I’ll do it tomorrow.

Dec 16th:

Today I finally ate crickets on my salad. I was trying to get a nice crunch with a healthy source of protein. It worked.


  • You definitely chew until everything In your mouth is completely broken down to nothing/liquid because some part of you feels like if you don’t, they’ll come alive and take up residence in your belly. No one wants critters crawling around inside like that. 
  • It’s an excellent source of protein. 
  • It’s extremely sustainable, dare I say - world hunger solving. 


  • It tastes like dog food a bit. (But I actually like dog food so it wasn’t bad.)
  • The visuals... the legs, those eyes, just don't look too close.🙈
  • It was not very filling.... I was really hoping for a little more sustaining power, 🤔 I know just the thing! Next time, I’m adding avocado! That’ll do it!

Dec 22nd:

Tried crickets on my salad again for breakfast, this time with avocado. I need some staying power for skiing today.

I didn’t feel quite right today. Not sure if it was my ski boots or the crickets… Still, the crickets held me longer with the help of the avocado.

Dec 26th:

Tried the chile lime whole roasted crickets. Those are GOOD!

I think I might actually prefer them to Tostitos hint of lime chips. They really do have a similar texture to chips.

Dec 28th:

Put crickets in the white elephant gifts so my family can try them. Some of them were brave enough to try and others flat out refused.

I’m still munching on them. They’re a great snack.

Dec 30th:

Still snacking on the crickets. I think they’re making me feel weird though. I can’t quite explain it.

Will continue to monitor how I’m feeling.

Dec 31st:

Cancel the New Year’s party. I am sick. I don’t think it’s cricket related. This flu/cold thing is going around.

Jan 2nd:

Cold is getting better. Had crickets for a snack. Still feel weird. Can’t tell if it’s from the crickets or being sick. Will hold off on crickets until I’m feeling better.

Jan 7th:

Feeling MUCH better. Had crickets for dinner. The perfect little dinner snack. I really like these.

11:00 PM

Dear God, what is happening? I can’t tell if I’m going to puke or poop. I just feel weird.

11:20 PM

🤮I feel like someone reached into my body and wrung out my stomach like a washcloth.

11:23 PM

Oh jeez. It’s coming out the other end. Now it’s like my intestines are being tied in knots.

11:30 PM

My body is completely empty. I’m feeling better. Back to bed.

11:50 PM

Oh no. It’s happening again. Flush toilet, flush! I’m not 🤮in 💩!

11:56 PM

That was too close. I’m getting a puke pot. Back to bed.

12:10 AM

What the heck! How could there possibly be anything left?!?! OMG. I know what this is. It’s the crickets. The chile lime is burning me from end to end.

12:33 AM

The bathroom floor feels so good.

12:56 AM

Make it stop! The burning. It’s like a fiery waterfall.

1:15 AM

Give me a break! Please. My insides have never hurt so bad.

1:46 AM

O.M.G. My body has never violently rejected anything like this before.

2:18 AM

Officially empty. Only dry heaves left. Please, please, please let me fall asleep.

2:35 AM

Please no more. Maybe if I just lie here it’ll go away.

2:56 AM

Just fall asleep…

3:36 AM

That was about 30 minutes of sleep. Oh geez. It’s happening again. I can’t take much more of this.

5:30 AM

Finally I can just get up and try to work. I told Doug that my body violently rejected the crickets and they are off the menu. He was sorry I had a bad night but really happy that I would quit trying to get him to try them.

No more crickets for me, for now. I’m still holding out hope that I’ll be able to reintroduce them at some point. They definitely aren’t a viable source of protein for me now though, my body has made that abundantly clear.


Ok, so crickets didn’t turn out to be right for me, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be a great source of healthy protein for you.

Explore the benefits then make a choice.

Are you brave enough to try them out?

Visit Entomo Farms to learn more about the amazing benefits and even get recipes to try!


Sending you love, health and happiness,

Marylynn Burrows
Holistic Health Coach
Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer
Owner: Serenity Fitness LLC
Creator of the Limitless Transformation Program

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