Better Posture in One Simple Step

Don't end up doing the old lady shuffle...

I used to think everyone knew the fundamentals of good body movement and posture inherently so I didn’t focus on them when I first started working with clients. 

I wasn’t wrong, I just forgot that we all grew up and most of us lost it. I had an epiphany while watching a toddler walk up the stairs at a football stadium and realized that I needed to at least go over these basic movement principles so my clients didn’t end up doing the old lady shuffle.

Implementing the fundamentals gets you faster results

I use a variety of techniques with my clients that are both simple and helpful when it comes to moving better with less pain. It’s easy to remember these fundamentals with the cues I share. 

Ever since I started implementing these techniques as part of the onboarding process for my new clients, we’ve seen improvements happen in the first month that used to take about three months to appear.

I learned that the secret to getting faster fitness results are found in the small nuances and tweaks with each exercise. So, after guiding numerous clients through the same process and getting similar results, I made a mini course called Body Movement 101. 

I’m always on the lookout for easier ways to get the best results, safely. The technique and cue you’ll learn here has become the #1 tip for creating the best posture. It’s the one cue I use above all others and it quickly solves so many issues without overcorrections.

show off your necklace

The cue is: “Show off your necklace.” I know it sounds weird, so let’s cover the origin story and then it will all fall into place.

Several years ago I was operating a group fitness studio in addition to coaching. During that time I sublet the space to a dance teacher when I wasn’t holding class. Sometimes, I’d be in my office working when she’d have these 4 to 6 year-olds buzzing around and singing “Let It Go” at the top of their lungs.

One day she was handing out these big chunky princess necklaces. Of course they all wanted a specific one which is why “you take what you get and you don’t have a fit” is always in my head. Then as they put their necklaces on and started dancing around, she told them to show off their necklaces. 

Hmmm, I thought about that for a minute and then sat up, pretending to show off my giant princess necklace while sitting in my seat. Then I did a body scan to see what I could notice about how my body was positioned. 

From my tailbone to my head, I was long and tall. My shoulders were away from my ears and my shoulder blades packed down. My chest was lifted, but my lower ribcage was still down. My abdominals were engaged and my lower back was not over arched. 

With other cues, to get into this position of perfect posture, there is a tendency to overarch the lower back and lift the ribcage for which you’d then need to bring your ribcage towards your hips to correct. 

But with this cue, it was instantly good posture. No other body corrections were needed, it just made sense. And so the cue, “show off your necklace,” was born.

Perks of good posture

Over the years, it’s become my most commonly referenced cue because it immediately puts you in the best form and posture, whether you’re getting ready to do a squat, walk down the street with good posture, or you simply want to have an instant boost in confidence.

So, whenever you notice that you’re:

  • Slouching  
  • Feeling some back pain
  • Feeling a little down
  • Lacking some confidence

Remember to show off your necklace!

Sending you love, health and happiness,

Marylynn Burrows
Holistic Health Coach
Nutrition Coach
Personal Trainer
Owner: Serenity Fitness LLC
Creator of the Limitless Transformation Program

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